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Gogotouch Enterprise- The Scholar Brush

Our Business
Precious Memory for our beloved - fullmoon hair / scholar hair brush & umbillical cord seal.
Our Products
Scholar Brush

The Scholar Brush is made from a newborn's 1st natural edge of hair, then preserved as a memorable and valuable gift. The Chinese believed that by possessing the Scholar Brush, their children will develop positive characteristic such as showing sense of gratitude, confidence, discipline, sense of improvement and happiness.

Umbilical cord Seal

The umbilical cord is sealed professionally within the Crystal, then engraved with the child's name and the parents' wishes to be kept forever. The umbilical cord is the only unique connection between the mother and the child. By preserving the umbilical cord, the Innate Aura is maintained and also perceived as the child's amulet. It is believed to be able to protect against the evil and serve as a lucky charm.

Fullmoon Hair Art

This is another way to keep the full moon hair - Fullmoon Hair Art. It is made from the newborn hair, 100% by handwork. It consist of both elegant and collection value. The art theme can be Chinese Zodiac that your baby belongs to or just cartoon only. There is also the hair art of the whole family that requires the hair strains from every family members.


Other products to safe keep or display the brush and seal.


Our Featured Products
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